Please read the Terms and Conditions

  1. Students registered for a full course must complete 20 hours of in-class (e-learning), 10 hours homework and 10 hours of in-car sessions.
  2. A completion certificate will be issued only when the student has successfully completed the course achieving a passing grade of 70% in-class (e-learning) as well as in-car sessions.
  3. Extra lessons/car rental for the road test appointments are not included in the full course and has to be paid beforehand.
  4. A minimum 3 to 4 weeks from the date of completion of the course (e-learning) is required for the issuance of the certificate by Service Ontario.
  5. All payments must be made before in-car sessions begin. An administration fee ($65.00+tax) will be applied if a student declines to continue the course after 10 days of registration.
  6. A $25.00 fee would be charged for dishonored cheque.
  7. Road tests cancelled/altered/not completed beyond the control of the driving school/driving instructor will still be charged to the full extent.
  8. Appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours prior will be charged in full.
  9. A student must complete the course successfully within one year from the start date.