Author: Tamim Safdar

Mar 10

10 Benefits Of Defensive Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

10 Benefits Of Defensive Driving You Probably  Didn’t  Know! Defensive driving teaches safe driving techniques to drivers. At defensive driving classes students learn to overcome mistakes in driving techniques, learn to improve their driving skills; learn to make informed decisions and to anticipate situations while driving. Defensive driving classeshave been set up by the government and police departments […]
Mar 10

Safe Driving Strategies

It’s a familiar scenario. The parent otherwise known as the “chauffeur” sits behind the wheel of the family vehicle, coffee in hand, kids’ music playing. Time’s tight because one child has to be dropped off and another picked up — at the same time! With all that going on inside the car, it’s no wonder the […]
Mar 2

In The Car

In Car Our driving instructors are well trained professional who will teach any beginner driver to become a safe and confident driver. Within these 10 hours the new driver will learn the basic skills required for driving. At the end of the lessons, the new driver will be given a test similar to the driving […]
Mar 2

In The Class

In our classroom training by our experts you will learn:- Rules of the road Vehicle Components and vehicle handling Driving in the city, country, highways and freeway Driving in adverse conditions (Night,winter and rain)